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The Newest HDTV Technology – The LG OLED HDTV

We partnered with LG Electronics to bring you some information on their new OLED technology. If you keep up with the modern HDTV technology you may know now of the newest breakthrough in HDTV displays. Technology has come a long ways from old projection tube TVs, to FLAT Screen tubes, LCD TVs, LEDs, and now the newest, OLED. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode which describes the material that create this unique light source and sets OLED completely apart from the conventional LED and LCD HDTVs.

These older HDTV technologies were basically the same, just different in how they light up the actual screen. With the traditional LCD TV, the bulky disply cell of the LCD is backlit with a line of lights or a single lighted panel. With LED, the LCD cell and assembly is still backlit but with individual lights, making up a large grid of individual lights. This is better than conventional older LCD, because if one light goes out, picture is still fine and edge lighting was diffused, but there still is the backlight of a white light.


In comes the new OLED technology. What makes OLED apart from older LED HDTV technology is no backlighting is needed. The display cell is light itself doing away with the excessive packaging and parts in LCD/LED.

OLED cuts back greatly on over thickness and weight, drastically. OLED screens are about the thickness of a pencil, incredible!OLED VS LED LCD HDTV pencil thin

What also makes OLED displays better is the infinite contrast. Long gone are the days of a white wash effect that turns dark bold colors into lighter colors because of the white backlighting. Now all colors are projected as their true color, not just lit up with white lighting. Here is a video showing a side by side between technologies of the Samsung HU9000 LED UHD vs LG EC9300 2K OLED:

What makes this special is the colors are so rich. Being partially color blind, I kind of just accept that something’s are going to be drab and just boring and almost mono-tone. But with an OLED HDTV, I actually felt to have my color back. With the side-by-side comparison, I could see how much color I miss out on our current HDTVS. The curved screen is great for viewing and immersion and wide viewing angle and the smart remote actually lets you point at the screen to select options, no more waiting to scroll through selections.LG OLED HDTV Remote Smart Curved Screen

HDTVs are currently going through a revolution in many ways. With OLED becoming available and the new 4K technology being produced, we are in for a treat in this 21st century. I always wondered what can the TV makers like LG come up with next, and they showed me when LG introduced and delivered OLED technology here to the United States.

LG offers a range of LG OLED models – including their newest curved OLED available starting at $3,499. For 2014, LG will be expanding their OLED lineup with FOUR new OLED TV series to include 55”, 65” and 77” inch sizes.