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New Personalized Home Decor From Pear Tree Greetings

This post is brought to you by Pear Tree Greetings.

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to take new family photos. We’re cleaning out the clutter from summer and getting our houses ready for fall. It’s that time of year when we want to update our homes because we will have family and friends coming to visit throughout the season.

Pear Tree Greetings has everything you need to update your home decor. Maybe you’d like to add some fun seasonal pieces or show off those family vacation photos form the summer. The best time to update is now and Pear Tree Greetings makes it incredibly easy to create custom wall art.

It took me minutes to create this custom wall art piece and I can even select form numerous sizes and styles. ptg2

I just love the idea of adding multiple frames to a wall for an updated space. You can swap out colors for the season and photos too. I made this by simply allowing access to my social accounts. Which means I can now print and save my favorite Instagram photos! ptg3

Update the look of your home with new wall art and wall decals from Pear Tree Greetings.

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