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Luxury Baby Blankets from Merdy

Merdy Twinkles Of Joy Blanket Baby Sleeping (2)Looking for that perfect gift for a new mom? Maybe a soft blanket for your own baby?

Our brain is the essence of our being. It has been established that the brain can grow and make neurons as a result of being stimulated from the moment of birth. Color and sound are positive stimulants for the brain, both are based on vibrations that initiate and establish a link to the brain.

Merdy Twinkles Of Joy Blanket Baby Sleeping (3)Merdy has used that science and created a truly unique product with it’s baby blankets. The Baby Philosopher® and Twinkles of Joy® has four outstanding aspects music, sound, color and sensory stimulation.

The combination of music, sound, color and sensory stimulation your baby’s blanket will help begin your baby’s first stages of development. It is very important for babies and children to be exposed to music, sound, color and sensory stimulation at such a young age. The Baby Philosopher® and Twinkles of Joy® products can provide the proper stimulation that a baby and child need to start their growth development.

Mia was sent one of these blankets to try out and this Twinkles of Joy® blanket features the unique introduction of neuroscience concepts to traditional children’s bedding. This unbelievable inspiration means that our product goes beyond providing comfort and softness: It is designed to stimulate early mental and sense development. This combination of classic high quality with scientific principles offers your baby and child the experience of “blanket of tomorrow”.Merdy Twinkles Of Joy Blanket Baby Sleeping (5)

You can see how Mia woke up and was sent back to sleep with the music.


Merdy Twinkles Of Joy Blanket Baby Sleeping (1)

A happy baby is a baby who has a slept and a happy mommy is a baby who has slept. Baby will sleep soundly with this blanket!

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How does your baby sleep soundly?

This is a partnered post with Merdy.


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