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Kabillion Free TV on Demand

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kabillion apps for kidsThese days most children have access to some sort of mobile device. Whether it’s watching moms phone while running errands or playing with a tablet device kids are playing and interacting digitally. It’s nice to find free tv on demand!

Kabillion is a unique company that is offering a children’s series of shows that can stream on multiple digital devices. Which means for us both kids get to watch what they want to watch! You can easily download one of your child’s favorite series like our personal favorite Chloe’s Closet, which our little girls relate to really well. Check out their Youtube for some more of what Kabillion has to offer.

chloes closet
Chloe’s Closet is an adorable series that follows the fun-filled adventures of an adorable, imaginative little girl named Chloe. Chloe discovers that there are magical new worlds while playing dress-up.

kabillion chloes closets creenshot

Chloe’s adventures teaches young children that life can be an adventure and there’s something fun to learn behind every corner! Plus with adventures from the deep ocean to dancing as a ballerina, Brooklin and Mia can have a new adventure everytime!

L_Chloes-Closet_eps121It’s nice to have content available on my phone for when we are running errands. Often my kids are wanting to watch movies while we travel so it’s nice to have Kabillion with so many series and easy to find educational shows for children. Plus you can download the series with multiple episodes so your kiddos have plenty to stay entertained with.

kabillion chloes closets screenshot

You can get started and find your child’s favorite new series with Kabillion. With so many new and original series there is something for every viewing age to see.

Kabillion chloes closet


We have a giveaway good for a Chloe’s Closet 13 episode bundle download which will keep your little ones busy for hours with something entertaining and adventure learning.
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    my phone and books

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    For my youngest I usually pack them a couple of their favorite toys, and my oldest likes to read or if we’re going somewhere with wifi we’ll bring the iPad.