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Fall in California

beach 2014 We moved from Oregon to California last year and couldn’t be happier about the move. We’ve almost been here a year now and it’s feeling just like home. Our weekends are still filled with plenty of fun. The sun is high in sky during the day and the air is still hot outside. It’s hard to believe it’s fall in California.

We can still enjoy the beach and the waves. This weekend was so exception. We headed to our favorite spot in Oceanside and hit the sand. beach 2014

The girls love riding the waves and Brooklin got her own smaller boogie board that fits her perfectly. brooklin beach 2014

She spends all week dancing at the studio it’s nice to spend weekends having fun. beach 2014

Growing up I spent so much time at the beach. I remember hot summer days and fires on the beach just as the sun set over the shoreline. I spent so many summers loving the sand and the water and in the future we hope to be closer to the beach. It’s hard to beleive it’s fall here in California. The leaves are slow to change color as if they’re not accepting the tide. beach 2014

What is fall like where you live?