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Dehumidifiers in the home

Meaco has partnered to share with us useful information about dehumidifiers in the home. If you live somewhere warm or visit the coast often then the chances are that you’re used to humid weather, and know just how uncomfortable it can be. However, humidity doesn’t just have an effect on your body; it can also seriously affect your home, and can cause a whole host of damage to your property that you might not be aware of until it’s too late. Having a dehumidifier reduces the moisture in the air that would otherwise pose a risk to your electrical systems, wallpaper, and furniture, while also eliminating the growth of mould and bacteria.

Yet the benefits of having a dehumidified in your home aren’t just superficial – it can also do wonders for the health of you and your family. You might not think you need a dehumidifier, but you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one once you see the benefits.

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Cleaner air

Dehumidifiers draw in the moisture from the air, and at the same time remove all the dust and fungal spores that thrive in humid environments. The air is fresher and cleaner, making it easier to breathe and reducing problems for those with respiratory conditions. Cleaner rooms smell better, and are an all-round more enjoyable place to be.

Reduces allergies

Many people don’t even realise that they have allergies, but those niggling sniffles and ‘under the weather’ days don’t just happen; mold in a house can destabilise your health enough to make you just that little bit below your best. Removing the humidity denies the mould the moisture it needs to grow and subsequently improves your health. Children in particular may suffer from mild mold allergies and you wouldn’t know until they were gone.

Cost effective

Most people opt to simply open a window when the humidity becomes too uncomfortable. However, this allows the humidity and the heat to escape. Having a dehumidifier stops this energy going to waste by simply eliminating the humidity and making sure the heat stays in the room, ensuring that you don’t waste the money it takes to heat your home. It’ll also save you money when your wallpaper and furniture last longer and don’t need to be replaced.

It’s safer

Aside from ensuring your health is improved, a dehumidifier also protects your body by keeping the nails and screws of your floorboards and furniture safely intact. These can become loose when the wood absorbs the moisture, and can be hazardous to playing children if untreated in the long-term.

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