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BlueWater Avalon For Lunch Catalina Island California

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (2)

We had the lucky chance this summer to be able to check out Catalina Island thanks to the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce. We stayed for a couple of days and has such a great time seeing what this island in the Pacific ocean had to offer, considering it is off one of the busiest coast in the USA, southern California.

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (3)

Catalina Island is Amazing. Roughly 40 miles west off the coast from Los Angeles, this much uninhabited island of paradise. You get there it the feeling of island life, paradise, and a Mediterranean feeling came upon me. Seriously, this is just off the coast of California, easily accessible by the Catalina Express in less than an hour. This is great for overnight trips or even just a day trip or for lunch or dinner, or both!

We had the chance to to make the BlueWater Avalon our lunch Catalina Island after kayaking. The BlueWater is great for its location because it sits right on the harbor overlooking the boats and the Casino. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful blue skies and clear waters. It was so nice, and the food was even better!

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (4)

We started our meal off with getting a great seat and view, not hard to do luckily for us that day. We next started with some drinks including their Buffalo Milk, a mix of Vodka, Kahlua, Banana, Cacao, milk with fresh whipped cream and fresh nutmeg, something I know I would like! The Grilled Artichoke with a pesto aioli was also very good, much like anything we would have ordered.

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (5)
I also had some fun and got my lovely wife to try the Ponzu Sashimi Sea Scallops, which see liked and I enjoyed very much. We had fun with them, they looked beautiful and they were mouthwatering and very appetizing.

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (6)We followed it up with the free range chicken breast with a thyme butter sauce. Because we were on an island in the ocean surrounded by some of the best seafoods, so naturally I figured and knew they would know how to serve up an outstanding Rock Lobster Tail and they far exceeded my expectations!

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (7)
Seriously this was the best lobster I’ve ever had, not that I am the master taste tester. I drool every time I see these pictures and just think of the next time we are going to Catalina Island just for lunch or dinner!

BlueWater Avalon Catalina Island CA (1)

The BlueWater Avalon is a great location because of its location right on the beach and harbor of course. But its location is topped by the selection and has something for every type of eater, even picky ones like my wife. But the food looked so good she looked past her pickiness and really enjoyed what she saw and had.

And for those who like their alcohol, the BlueWater has a great bar and patio seating with great views and location.