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Visiting Channel Islands National Park with Island Packers

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Channel Island National Park is located just under 30 miles off the shore of southern California. You leave from Ventura Harbor and arrive on Santa Cruz Island.  We were so excited to work with Island Packers on a trip to the island and we started our day loading onto an Island Packers boat  in the Ventura County Harbor.

You can purchase lunch to take with you to the island since there are no services on the island. You can purchase food and beverages on the boat and in the harbor before leaving. channel island national park island packer (1)

We picked up our lunch at the habor and it came with meals, snacks and water for everyone all in an easy to carry container. channel island national park (14)

We boarded the boat and started the hour long trip over to the island. There was plenty of seating and space to take your own items. You can camp out on the island and one day we would like to take kayaks and go camping. With small children a day trip is the perfect way to start exploring the island! channel island national park (15)

We pulled into Scorpion Ranch and the campsite isn’t far form the dock. You can explore a small historical site and enjoy the beach. Water sports are plentyful and you can rent kayaks before you get to the island.
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We spent our time down on the beat by the water. channel island national park (16)

The water was warm and inviting. Bring snorkels and fins and be prepared for a day of fun! channel island national park (17)

Trips to the island are day trips and that’s a great amount of time for families to explore and have a day of fun. channel island national park island packer (2)

We can easily say our girls enjoyed our time on the island and we can’t wait to go back! channel island national park (12)

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  1. Sarah L on September 26, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    I’d love to go there. Beautiful place. I WANT AN OCEAN! 1,000 or 2,000 miles from my house.