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Self-Cleen ST3 Spray-On (Non-Stick) Self-Cleaning Coating Spray Cleaner Kit

We partnered with SelfCleen to show how 3 sets of dirty little hands can be handled and cleaned up after fairly easy with this easy to use spray cleaner kit. It seems all around our house, we are always cleaning. From getting up in the morning to start our day to going to sleep, it seems we are always finding things to clean up them. With 2 bathrooms and a busy kitchen, they seem to make a mess everywhere they go. The stainless steel in our kitchen is custom decorated by hand prints and finger tips, quite unique I like to paint it as.

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We find ourselves doing a lot of wiping things down. Getting a towel, then getting it wet and sometimes scrubbing something that they split or that got dried out and hardened, it seriously takes a lot of work. It helpful when we can find a cleaning product that helps us to keep our busy household of kids and dogs clean. Living in a very well lit home, everything seems to shine when less expecting.

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A product like Self-Cleen ST3 Multi-Surface non-stick protection kit is such a useful preventative product to keep clean to a minimal. It is great because it helps people like ourselves and anyone who needs to keep surfaces clean, which seems to be everything these days, and dont have the time and man power to get it all done. From just dust collecting to peoples personal products and foods spilling and getting tracked all over multiple surfaces , they will get dirty. And it just about how often and how much effort do you have to put into cleaning them.

The Self-Cleen ST3 kit is easy to use. Start out by assembling the spray bottles. Next wash down your surfaces and make sure they are properly clean of grime, debris and other non-surface material. This will make sure that Part-1 can fully clean and make the surface look as good as it can or near new or new.

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The Self-Cleen ST3 system is a Spray-On (Non-Stick) Self-Cleaning Coating Kit that is fairly easy to use with just a few simple sprays and a little elbow grease. After applying Step-1 and buffing it in with the supplied Disposable Microfiber towel, Apply Step-2 quickly after and work it in with the 2nd supplied microfiber towel. Step-2 provides that protective non-stick coating making wipe down simple and pain-free. Seriously, you know the feeling after youve been scrubbing and you wrist just cant take it, say good-bye to that!

Self-Kleen ST3  (5)

What is great about applying this easly to clean coating is it makes clean up is a breeze. And after cleanup the surface will still have a nice shine and finish. I decided to put it to the test with mayo. I put some mayo on my finger and smeared it around the 30 minute old ST3 Self-Cleen’ed area. I gave it 20 minutes to dry, you know possibly the time that it would sit until maybe it got realized. I simple wiped it off with a paper towel andwith a slight slight bit of water. Came off simply and easily and left the surface still free of imprints and stains form the oils.

Self-Kleen ST3  (1)

Benefits to Self-Cleen ST3 include it can be used on many surfaces to repel grime, hard water spots, oils, soaps, scum and other contaminant.



Here are some instant benefits to Self-Cleen ST3:

  1. Most surfaces are a little shinier and have more reflection
  2. Chrome fixtures shine and sparkle like new and any spots wipe right off
  3. Water repels off of the coated quickly and in erratic streams
  4. Visible scum or limescale residue will be negligible to none
  5. Any minor spots that show up on the Shower Glass – wipe right off (if you can’t stand to see any spots – then you would need to squeegee after shower).
  6. You only need to use a light cleaning solution to clean surface – when need, which is infrequent
  7. No more need for specialty shower cleaners, tub & tile cleaners, limescale removers, calcium removers, soft scrub, or mold & mildew removers.
  8. A good inexpensive light cleaning solution is Distilled White Vinegar (also disinfects), but use your favorite light cleaning solution: Simple Green, ammonia & water, etc.

What you should notice over Time (months):

  1. Your coated surfaces consistently look Cleaner
  2. All cleaning is easy wipe-down cleaning – no scrubbing
  3. Your don’t need to clean very often (ex. 2 weeks or more)
  4. You don’t see any scum or limescale building up
  5. You don’t see any bacteria, mold or mildew growing
  6. You love your Self-Cleen coated shower & tub because its incredibly easy to maintain – saving you many hours of time

Check out Self-Cleen ST3 and their other easy to use self-cleaning products here on their website at SelfCleen.com

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