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Find The Best Rug Pads With Rug Pad USA – Made In The USA

Living in a larger home with several rooms of entertaining space, it sometimes becomes an issue with what to do with the floors. Not only do we have separate living areas, we have hard flooring and tile everywhere except our bedrooms. Lucky for us my Grandmother has given us great rugs that she has picked up from her travels around the world. From rugs bought in Israel to Istanbul, we have several beautiful rugs we like to use.


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Anyone who has rugs knows how much character and art to any room. From bedrooms, to the living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and outdoors, rugs can be used pretty much anywhere. Also just as important as any rug is the backing and rug pads. It is important that rugs have a quality rug pad to prevent slipping and damage to surfaces.

carpet rug pads tile stone laminate hardwood

Using the right rug pads for hardwood floors, laminate, stone and tile is something that may seem not necessary but keeping your rugs in place along with any furniture on them is not only important for the floors surface but for also safety. Have you ever had that couch that shifted every time you sat on it because it slipped on the floor on a rug. Or how about an actual rug slip out from underneath you. Not every surface is the same, so making sure you have the right rug pad is important.

rug pad hardwood floors

Cheap rug pads are exactly that, cheap. They can wear out quite easily with use or worse yet leave permanent damage to a floor. Check out rugpaduse.com for USA made rug pads for all flooring needs.rug pad made in usa


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