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Great Photo Slideshows With Slide.ly

This post is brought to you by Slide.ly. 

We all loves taking photos these days. With the ease and access to photography and video equipment these days, its not hard for anyone to capture those lifetime moments to relive them for another time. Or maybe its to show them to friends and family, or just to share with ourselves. No matter what pictures are for, its important to show them off as it is to take them.

We have always taken pictures since we have known each other. From our first trips together to the Oregon Coast or to Seattle, Wa, and to Mt. Hood National Forest, we wanted to remember those great times. Then wehen we had our first kid, the camera seemed to never stay away. We actually started our blog as a way to share what we were doing and our kids growth with our family who lived out-of-state. The internet is great for bringing people together, no matter where they are and photo slideshows are a great way to show off any series of images.


Meet the solution, Slide.ly. This online app is great for taking those special pictures and sharing them with anyone online and offline. Slide.ly lets you build different shows to create presentations for people to see your pictures and videos. Whats great about Slide.ly is it can be used anywhere. Say you need to create a presentation or something special for someone, its all possible to create from anywhere with internet access.


You can create different galleries via Slide.ly:

  • Slidely show: instant slideshow with videos
  • Slidely Gallery: Beatiful photo gallery

And these apps below are available for your iPhone:

  • Slidely Show – Mobile: Make moments into movies for mobile viewers
  • Slidely Capture: Photos and collages from videos
  • Slidely Video: music-videos of your life

Slide.ly is simple to use. Login and import your different social media acocunts like Facebook, Google+, Flickr, instagram and others. You can also upload your own images. Slide.ly will then present your images in floders for easy selection. Choose your images and Slide.ly will then let you add in great music, then publish it all as aeasy to share slideshow or video.


After you have slected your photos from one of the many locations and options you can add in some music of your liking, even great soundclips from movies and shows. Slide.ly will then package it all neatly and share it for you if you like. Its published and easy to access from a simple to use webpage.


Here was a video we made of our trip to the Channel Islands National Park. It was so easy to make and came out great.

BlogHer 2014 by Slidely Slideshow

Have some photos that you havent know what to do with? Want to create something special and unique for someone? Check out Slide.ly and see what comes to life for you.