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Making A Natural Difference #NaturalDifference At National Parks

I am a compensated brand ambassador for J.M. Smucker. All opinions are our own.

Scorpion Island National Park California (1)

We enjoy spending time exploring our National Parks and all they have to offer. We spent this summer vacation visiting a couple and try to see one every year. We live in the beautiful sunshine state of California so it’s important to us that we keep our beaches and communities clean, and to make sure we are good stewards to the beautiful planet we call Earth.

This summer we had a chance to visit Channel Islands National Park. The island sits less than thirty miles off the coast of California and has absolutely inhabiting it but wildlife. The only thing between the island and the mainland is oil rigs. They are constantly at work but what we found on the island is that they also can leave a mess. They are something to avoid that is for sure.

Scorpion Island National Park California (2)

We spent some time cleaning up the beach and picking up clumps of oil along the beach. I hope was greatly helps the wildlife who also live on the island. We had such a great time playing in the water and enjoying the island and we hope we left the island a little better off than it was before.  Lucky for us the island also practices a no trash policy. So making sure no trash is left is also very important to practice anywhere. You never know what a difference you can make until you try and I hope that by picking up trash along the beach, or in our own neighborhoods that it inspires my children to care more about the world around them.

Scorpion Island National Park California (3)

I hope to raise children who truly care about the world they live in. I want them to be thoughtful and kind and I want them to appreciate the beauty in life. That’s why we spend so much time being active and trying to educate them in fun ways. It has been great to take them to experience all these amazing places, and that we always continue to spend our summers enjoying the different National Parks.


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How are you making a natural difference in your community?