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Keeping Your Family Safe With AlertID

Keeping our family safe is very important to us so we are partnering with AlertID today to share an easy way for families like us to feel safe and secure in our communities.
AlertIDAs a mom of 3 who is constantly on the go and rarely gets a moment to herself, piece of mind is exactly what I need. With AlertID I am offered the ability to have that. With the mobile app feature I’m able to feel safe and secure on the go by viewing a interactive map of potential threats to my family, friends and neighbors all in the palm of my hand. I can better know who is in our community.

AlertID mobile_imgWho wouldn’t love to be watching a movie at home and receive an email telling you about natural disasters, or Severe weather. Or perhaps even while your getting ready for a afternoon at the gym and ballet. Even jetting out the door to run a day full of errands. I love knowing that there is a safe and secure company out there that has my back.

One of the great feature is being able to communicate with my local neighbors and law enforcement while I am out of town. This is a great feature to me because we live in California and earthquakes are a reality here. This will make traveling a bit easier because I can still stay connected to home and our community while we are away. With AlertID I have that piece of mind I’ve been looking for.

AlertID Screenshot 4-26-13

You can get started today and feel the protection you need for your family with AlertID.

How are you keeping your family safe?