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Great Photograph Gift Ideas – Make Your Photo Out Of Text

It is not very hard to tell that we are a family that loves photography. We love to visit places and with each place we like to capture beautiful moments and bring them home with us to relive at a later time. We have pretty much instilled into our kids the love of photography and they each now have their own cameras and video cameras it’s always fun to see them want to computer what they are doing. As they get older they will more and more understand the impact photography has on so many people’s lives.


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It is always fun to play and edit images to create something new. By taking a regular image it’s incredible how much can be brought to life with just a simple image. From bringing out contrast and tones, any image can be brought to life. But these days there is more than just photo editing, there is really artistic creativity to be had with images.photo to text photograph gift ideas (5)

photo to text photograph gift ideas (2)

Photo-to-text.com is a neat website that allows you to actually convert your image into a text document, displaying an image. This is a great way to computer a special moment or memory, or to give a gift of good words and prosperity for a customized anniversary, holiday or Christmas photo gift for instance. They offer a variety of editing options and we whose to make a photo out of text. Adjust your image differently to have a different effect with the text.

photo to text photograph gift ideas (3)

You have the option to upload your image and then choose to buy just a data file for reprinting or whatever else or the ability to get your image displayed on a canvas. Choose the background or color of the wording, then you have the option to adjust text and text size.

photo to text photograph gift ideas my image example

Here is a great example of using a darker background for your image.

photo to text photograph gift ideas (1)

After your done, select your image and have it converted into photo-t0-text image or canvas. We are thinking about turning it into a huge several foot wide canvas but can share the image now in a image file with friends and family.

This was a partnered post to focus on the service provided by Photo-to-text.com