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Fun For The Whole Family – The Scholastic Parent & Child KidQ App

This post has been partnered with Scholastic Parent & Child. 

kidq app

Not very often do you find something that can keep the whole family entertained on road trips or while you’re out and about. For our family we live in southern California. We spent plenty of time in our car and traveling around and it’s always nice to find fun new apps that keep us entertained.

The Scholastic Parent & Child kidQ app is the fun new app developed for families just like ours. With just one click the random question generator will get your family talking, another click will reveal the answer! It’s so much fun and there’s a lot you can learn too! kidq app

The KidQ app for iPhone and Android facilitates conversation via fun Q&A’s about the things that kids (and parents!) are the most curious about, like Why do we get goosebumps? and How do the bubbles get in soda? Each day, users receive a playful question that serves as a conversation starter along with the official answer. Families will have a blast as they compare their explanations to the facts!

Download the app today to start having fun!

How are you connecting with your children through conversation?