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Running Gear – Mizuno Wave Paradox: High Fashion & Functional Support‏

running gearAs a runner there are certain things I won’t back down on and one of those things is my running shoes. I started running with Mizuno 4 years ago. I was 60 pounds heavier than I am now and decided I was tired of feeling down. I had never been a runner or even thought about running but I started. Step by step, mile by mile I got happier and healthier too.

I told myself back when I ran my first 3 miler that I was going to run a half marathon. That one day it would happen and I would do it and so I’m training for my goal. That half marathon I’m signed up for is this fall. I know how important having the right running shoes is and that’s why I wear Mizuno.

Mizuno’s new Wave Paradox shoes is the perfect medium, it’s the shoe that every runner needs. It offers support exactly where you need it without being too bulky or heavy. Traditional shoe companies offer support by increasing the sole. Mizuno took a different approach and reinforced the side walls of the shoes creating an extremely lightweight support “chassis,” to achieve the same stability.

I personally think it has the perfect amount of stability and support and it’s a great overall shoe. The design is also high fashion and the lines almost look like they curve, interestingly enough it’s all made up of straight lines.  It’s my go to shoe for running with our dog. He’s a 7 month old German Shepherd and he is half marathon training with me.

running with bruno

Mizuno is converting miles into money by donating $1 to Back on My Feet for every mile run up to 100,000 miles by runners who download and run with Mizuno’s mobile baton app. Back on My Feet is a national for-purpose organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness get back on their feet personally and financially through job placement and other resources.

Through the Mobile Baton app, every dollar earned will help those experiencing homeless use running to create self-sufficiency and get back on their feet. I¹ve also provided an official press release that provides additional detail on the program.

Visit www.ifeverybodyran.com (also available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play) to download the Mizuno mobile baton app and to get started!

Mizuno believes running has the power to transform the world — one person at a time. I have to agree!