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Online Financial Planning With iQuantifi


Being young parents and being on to kid number 3, life has become even more hectic. Our oldest is hitting 4th grade, our middle one just starting kindergarten, we are always thinking about their futures and our futures and how to plan long term for them.

We did not have the best advice and have had to learn a lot for ourselves and from growing up. We are still young, but have a long life ahead of us. We have kids and their college plans to prepare for, retirement savings, life insurance, and so many other life choices.

From buying a home, to starting a retirement and investment account, it’s not as easy as just wanting to have it all. There is a lot of information that is out there that many people have no idea about. We plan to accomplish a lot for ourselves but also for our kids. We want our kids to have the life we wish we could have had. And with the right planning we are giving them an amazing life!

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So with all that is going on, it’s nice to have financial advice without having to rely on a high priced financial advisor. iQuantifi is an Online Financial Planning software that acts like a virtual financial adviser. This simple help allows me to know an idea of how to  plan what I should be doing for the long road, such as how much to buy in life insurance, or how much to save every month for retirement, to what savings account I should use for my kids college savings. Also paying for life insurance is something I have not given much thought, but need to look into now that I have sat down and given my financial life an overview.

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We do a lot of travel all the time and inputting our travel plans and costs, gives us a break down of how much we should be saving every month.

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“Do I have enough life insurance?” Can I afford a new house?” “How much should I be saving for retirement?” “How will I pay for my kids’ education?” By reaching for all goals such as travel, wedding, kids, cars, college, house, retirement, and so much more, knowing how to go about obtaining them is important.

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iQuantifi is a virtual financial advisor that provides young families like ours with comprehensive advice needed to achieve financial goals through specific steps necessary to achieve them. And plans change and changing your plans will adjust to let you know any different planning or saving to be done. Check it out and find out what you didn’t know.
You can learn more about online financial advice from www.iquantifi.com.