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The LeapTV by LeapFrog Pre-Sale is Coming! #LeapTV

This is a compensated with with Leap Frog and Mom Select, all opinions are our own.
leap tv

The next gaming system for kids is coming and kids everywhere are going to love is the new LeapTV! For years our girls have played and grow with Leap Frog products and now our girls can get their minds and bodies moving with LeapTV, the active, educational gaming system. The LeapTV is one of those things that I just know my girls are going to have fun with plus the games come with all their favorite characters!

There are 3 modes of play all of which are great to build strong and healthy kiddos. leaptv modes of play

My girls have played with LeapFrog products since they were babies so I know I can count on LeapFrog for education and fun! The pre-order is coming soon so are your kiddos ready to get up and play?

Check out this video:

This fall I want my girls to have fun and stay active and we can not wait for more with the LeapTV gaming system!

How do you inspire your kiddos to be active and have fun?