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Kayaking On Catalina Island In The Pacific Ocean – Southern California


Catalina Island Kayaks Descanso Beach (7)

When on an island in the middle of the ocean, what not a better way to explore it but on a Kayak. We had the chance to rack up a few hours on a tandem kayak and we had a great time. Once of the best and even romantic way to enjoy each others time is on a kayak. The serenity and calmness of the ocean was relaxing. Packing a meal to tack down the island shore would also be great.

Catalina Island Kayaks Descanso Beach (2)

There is scuba diving all along the coast and even scuba diving from your Kayak. Kayaking on Catalina Island offers so much for any and all explorers we plan on coming back soon hopefully!

Catalina Island Kayaks Descanso Beach (4)

As we approached the beach we almost decided to just take a break on the beach and play in the water, but we had so much to do. So we got onto our Frog Rock Kayak Tour and set out. But the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island offers a great beach and pristine waters along with a great bar and food. Great place to spend a day.

Catalina Island Kayaks Descanso Beach (1)

This was our fist time kayaking on the ocean and to be honest I honestly didnt know what to expect. But after getting out there for a few minutes, I discovered why ocean kayaking is awesome. The freedom to roam, yet the ease to just relax and float is great. And we were luck to catch a sea lion and sharks on our trip. There is so much to look out for that kayaking can and is an all day adventure.

Catalina Island Kayaks Descanso Beach (5)

Walking to Descanso Beach to meet our guide for a 1 hour guided tour, even the walk was romantic. The scenery and beauty of Catalina island is like a world apart from the hustle bustle of Los Angeles and Orange County. The white sandy beaches and icon Catalina Island Casino gave for a great walk.

We met up with out tour guide and set out as a team to conquer the ocean. It was amazing, we could basically go as far out into the ocean as we wanted, just not south into the port and harbor. We ended up heading north to Frog Rock, which as it name implies is a 30-40 ft tall rock that looks like a frog from a distance.

Catalina Island Kayaks Descanso Beach (6)

The tour included:

  • Kayak
  • All Safety gear
  • Windbreakers when needed
  • Waterproof pants when needed
  • Sandals if needed
  • Souvenir certificate

Make sure to take advantage of everything Catalina Island has to offer. From the Beaches, to Kayaking on the oceans, or climbing the interior hills by Jeep, Catalina Island is a great destination to visit anytime of the year, and is really a paradise all the time. Its like nothing expected, and before visiting I hadn’t really known what to expect. Kristin had visited during the 1990’s but the Island has changed and come with the times that the feel was perfect for that perfect getaway. Southern California has so much to offer and this diamond in the ocean is one that no one should miss out on.

We were provided with a couple hours and a tour in exchange for our information opinion and view.

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