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Keeping A Healthy Dog – Staying Active With Your Pet

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of K9 Advantix® II. The opinions and text are all mine.


It’s hard to believe that Bruno is already so big. It seems like only yesterday he was a tiny little puppy and now he’s 8 months old and 80 lbs. He is a ball of energy and continues to get into trouble some way or another. We constantly have to keep and eye on him, like with all our other children. And our oldest dog Charlie has become a little jealous at times when he wants attention that Bruno gets from all his adorable giant puppiness. We love both our dogs like our children. We do all we can to make sure they are happy and enjoy their lives.

Its great when you gain the trust and love from your pet pal. Our dogs can be walked without a leash, they never run off, and come right back into the house when we do. I don’t blame them, because they have it pretty good. From good food, to a clean place to sleep and toys galore, our dogs are always taken care of. From vitamins to flea and tick protection, dogs have their needs. Lucky for use we don’t have a tick problem to worry about at all, well we may during this camping season, we do have to worry about fleas and mosquitoes.

bruno run

One thing Bruno loves to do is run so I enjoy taking him running with me and it’s a great time for us both to get a little exercise. Right now I am training for a half marathon so I’ve been taking Bruno training with me and he powers through our runs like a champ. But with the heat its important to make sure he is safe. With our summers getting hot and the sidewalks being even hotter, its important to make sure our pets can handle it. Taking extra water and even looking into paw protection is important to keep his feet from getting burnt and him from getting dehydrated.

running with bruno

I like to personally run in the evening, but with all the water sprinkler systems going and the green lawns, mosquitoes become a pain in the evening time. I find myself running more often in the evening time when the temperature is cooler, but we both keep ourselves protected with mosquito repellent for me and K9 Advantix® II for Bruno to keep him free of fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. Keeping your dog parasite free is not only good for his comfort by important for his overall health and to repel fleas on dogs.

bruno 3 moths oldAs a pet owner I want to be sure Bruno is happy and healthy and that means taking care of all of his needs. His room is our backyard and using Advantix K9 allows us to let him in and for him to not be annoyed all day by biting fleas. K9 Advantix® II is for use on dogs only and make sure to follow directions as directed.

The bond between you and your dog is a special one, and you’ll go to great lengths to keep your furry family member safe and healthy. K9 Advantix® II is a once-a-month topical application for dogs and puppies that REPELS and kills ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.  Visit http://petparents.com/products  to learn more.