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Food For The Road – KFC $5 Fill Up Box Meals

We seem to take more road trips than we had planned this summer. Sometimes our trips are relaxed and not rushed other times its just hectic. With things to do at home and places to visit for our blog, we do have to find those fast bites to eat.

“Colonel Sanders” from KFC was surprising motorists in Louisville, KY with free fill-ups at Pruitt’s Automotive, a local service state, and the new KFC $5 Fill Up Box Meals. Too bad it was near us, score on free gas and some free KFC for the road!

 The new KFC $5 Fill-Ups offer a complete which includes an entrée, drink and dessert. $5 Fill-Up Meal options include: The 1 Pc. Breast Fill-Up; The 2 Pc. Drum & Thigh Fill-Up; The Extra Crispy Tenders Fill-Up; The Famous Bowl Fill-Up; and The Pot Pie Fill-Up each with an entree, side, Medium Drink, and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

$5 kfc fill up meals

Check it out for a quick and affordable lunch.