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Keeping Dogs Healthy with VetIQ

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As a pet owner I want to be sure my dogs are happy and healthy. Having two dogs now has been a challenge since each dog has his own individual needs so I often turn to products to keep them both happy and healthy. We recently had a chance to try out some new products from VetIQ. The unique service provides quality medication and supplements for your pet at prices you can afford.

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is essential to dental health as well as overall pet health. Poor dental care in dogs can not only lead to bad breath, but also contribute to overall health in your pet. Minties

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Each Minties Dental Treat contains five natural ingredients that work in your dog’s mouth and stomach to promote fresh breath and reduce unpleasant odors. Our dogs thought they tasted great!

  • Mint promotes minty fresh breath.
  • Parsley contains enzymes that help break down odor-causing particles in the stomach.
  • Dill helps inhibit bacterial growth and helps prevent early stages of gingivitis.
  • Fennel helps control bacteria and is a natural breath freshener.
  • Chlorophyll from alfalfa balances acid levels in the stomach and helps deodorize your dog’s body.

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Our dogs are very active and I want to be sure they are getting the essential nutrients they need to grow up healthy. VitaminChews contain 19 essential vitamins and nutrients for your pets. They are rich in antioxidants and have a liver taste so you know dogs love them too! It’s just another way that we make sure our dogs are happy and healthy each day.


It’s nice to know there are products out that there help keep our pets healthy and since they taste so good our pets think we are just giving them extra treats!

You can find these products at VetIQ. Be sure to like VetIQ on Facebook and stay connected socially.

How are you keeping your pets happy and healthy?