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Custom, Hand Painted, Affordable Artwork – From Art Excuse

Art is something that everyone should be given a chance to have an appreciation for. One of the best ways to help buture this appreciation is by exposure to art, art museums, and anything that invokes imagination. I have always loved to create art and view anything that someone has to offer. From painting, or pottery, to visiting the greatest art museums around the country, there never is 2 pieces that are the same.

I try to push art onto my kids, and lucky for me they love it without me urging them to like it. They like to draw and paint, and enjoy any and all art projects they do in school. I know because when they bring them home, they do such a great job and take some much pride in their effort. I bring them to museums and they leave amazed.

Art is great for so many reasons. It’s great for decoration and inspiration. It’s great to wake up and see and it helps to spur imagination in the viewer, especially children who pay attention.

custom hand painted affordable art excuse

ArtExcuse.com is a great new way to bring custom, hand painted, affordable artwork into a home and not have to settle for the same cookie-cutter pieces found in the major stores. Find artworks that are priced the same as digital prints and ready to hang on your wall but you get a real work of art! Art Excuse launches a new collection every 14 days creating for new and fresh ideas and design.


Art Excuse has beautiful pieces for many decors and styles. They collections vary so see if they have what your looking for.

Large Art Piece in ROOM

Art Excuse is great because emerging and established artists get to put out their art to an audience while keeping it affordable for everyone to enjoy. Work is licensed and reproduced in their studios allowing for very affordable art and givng artists a platform to be able to fund their ventures and talent.

Art Excuse also has its own 1-4-1 campaign. By donating paint kits to disadvantaged youths for each piece of artwork sold, children are helped and given a chance to realize their potential talent and to foster their creativity.

Check them out on Twitter @ArtExcuse.

This was a partnered post to share hand painted art.