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GET-OFF MY Shower Glass – Glass Polisher

Anyone with a glass shower stall knows how easy grim and scum builds up just over weeks, month, and the years. The house we moved into has the original glass stalls from 15 years ago and shows its years. We are the kind of family that loves clear windows and a clean home, it just makes us feel better.

The biggest problem with a glass shower is the buildup of calcium and lime scale and all the rest of the stuff in the water here. We live in Southern California and the water here is pretty rough. It leaves water marks when not wiped off and we don’t always want to wipe down the shower every day or week for that matter.GET-OFF MY Shower Glass Product (1)

I was introduced to a product called “GET-OFF MY Shower Glass.” It is as the name says, a glass cleaner. But the Professional Grade 5″ Cut & Polish Rotary Disc is more than a cleaner, it is all that is needed to cut through the scaly scum without huge effort and chemicals.

GET-OFF MY Shower Grime Glass

Hook it to a drill and use it at a medium speed to start. Make sure all surfaces are wet, both the disc and glass surface and let the drill to the work. Keep a light pressure and the job is simple and you get to save your glass and actually enjoy a near new shower stall door.

GET-OFF MY Shower Glass Product (3)The special “GET-OFF” Disc is more than just a scrubbing pad because it contains the right amount of non-scratch high quality bronze-wool cutting material mixed into to the non-abrasive pad allowing the crud to come off with just holding the drill. I seriously had been dreading the thought of trying to painfully scrub away with harsh chemicals and rough scrub pads, possibly scratching the surface and causing damage. But with the GET-OFF disc, it’s painless and the glass is not only cleaned and scrubbed but polished when it’s all said and done.

GET-OFF MY Shower Glass Product (4)

The results were great and the effort was easy. We had beautifully polished and sparkling glass and windows. I have also put this to use on our window by our kitchen sink and one window outside that got hit for a while by the water sprinklers, and with the rough water it left scum.

GET-OFF MY Shower Polished Glass Product
The disc is also easily removable and can be washed and reused. Check out the “GET-OFF MY Shower Glass” product page here and save your glass!

We were compensated with a GET-OFF Disc and for our time and effort.

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  1. Janet W. on July 17, 2014 at 5:25 am

    My shower could really use this. Ours is so foggy and dirty looking. This would make such a difference!