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Disneyland California Adventure Luigi Flying Tires – Great for Toddler & Kids


Luigi Flying Tires is a great ride for our whole family. You get to fly around in one gigantic flying tire bumping into other giant flying tires. This is one thrill of a ride because you get to float around on a cushion of air floating around into other giant tires, but the thrill is there for little Mia who gets to join us on this one.


The ride is here thanks to Luigi from the Disney·Pixar movie Cars. Sliding around on a 9-foot-wide Fettuccini-brand tire we all get to have fun together. We all have to move together to move the massive tire and we all have fun doing it!

The ride uses 6,714 air vent blowers moving more than 1.86 million cubic feet of air per minute keeping us all afloat very slightly above the ground. Each tire can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult and 2 kid, 32″ or taller. There are a lot of great rides in California Adventure for kids of all ages!


Luigi’s Flying Tires has an interesting History. It was made new for Cars Land but was inspired from the classic Disneyland ride called the Flying Saucers that operated from August 6, 1961 to August 5, 1966. Millions rode this ride and now millions of all ages can enjoy flying around.

Festival of the Flying Tires

What’s the story behind the mysterious flying tires? No one knows their secret for sure, but the tradition of the Festival of the Flying Tires dates back to the 1930s, when Luigi’s Uncle Topolino ordered a shipment of the Fettuccini Tire Company’s new Cuscino D’ Aria tires. To the amazement of the residents of Topolino’s small Italian village, when the tires were unloaded they began to mysteriously float off the ground and gracefully move around as if they were dancing.

To celebrate this miraculous event, the villagers put up festive banners, balloons and bunting. With the addition of some traditional Italian music, the Festival of the Flying Tires was born! Luigi and Guido wanted to share this happy memory, so they ordered a shipment of Cuscino D’ Aria tires for Radiator Springs, and, just like in Italy, the tires mysteriously rose off the ground and began to dance. Radiator Springs continues to celebrate the Festival of the Flying Tires to this day.