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Disney Princess Toy Organizer With 3 Bins, Play Box & Bookshelf

Our kids have a lot of toys. Like many kids these days, there are so many new toys coming out that they always want the next thing. But many times kids overlook toys they already have and that they would like to play wit again because these toys get buried or boxed away. We are always getting on them about picking up after themselves, but sometimes there just seems to be no more room.

princess disney multibin organzier

By Organizing their toys in a great Organizer like the  Disney Princess Toy Organizer 3 tiers with Play Box & Bookshelf, our kids can keep their playroom picked up and tidy and also know where their toys are. This big organizer features 3 separate carry able bins for toys and a large toy box underneath for extra storage. And with the bookshelf, they can also keep some of their favorite reads easy to find and out of the way.


It seems we are cleaning up after them all the time. They love to find some toys the haven’t seen and pull them out to let their imaginations run wild. But picking it all up is not so easy. With the 3 separate bins, they can drag their toys around and pick them up and put them away with easy. With the 3 tiers of storage, we get to store a lot of things in a little space. These 3 Tier organizers come in many other great character designs and graphics for all likes.


Check out Delta Children for many children’s furniture options, strollers, and more. From toy storage to beds, and so much more, Delta has so many awesome and fun items for kids rooms and playrooms. Our daughters love their Disney Princesses and with the big bright colorful pictures of them on their toy chest, they are happy to put their toys away into it.

 We were provided with an Organizer for this review.


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  1. Janet W. on July 25, 2014 at 3:12 am

    What a cute book shelf! I love the large storage area underneath!