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Can’t Sleep? Sears and Serta Sponsored Video

This is a compensated post.
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Maybe you remember being there, starting out and not having a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Maybe it’s time that your back needs some help and your mattress needs an upgrade. That’s why July 4th and all this weekend is the best time to shop at Sears for new mattresses.
I think this video is just too cute from Serta. It not only shows a progression that many of us follow but then shows how awesome having a nice mattress can be. Getting a new mattress is probably one of the best things we have done and our sleep is better than ever, and I will say a far reach from sleeping on the floor in those early years.

bedroomOne of the easiest ways to freshen up your space is to add new art on the walls and fresh candles. I don’t have any photos of our children in our bedroom only of us two and I think it makes me feel like it’s more our our space. We recently got new lighting as well and I just love how our bedroom feels like it’s own grown up space. I also love the feel of fresh clean white sheets so we also took the time to update and upgrade our bedding. It’s those small details that make a difference and I always make our bed every day. I always said I wanted a bedroom that felt like a hotel getaway and I finally got it!  It feels very adult as you will see in the video below.

Check out this video and see for yourself: 

Why not start summer with better sleep? It’s that time of year for long days in the sunshine and sunsets with family, you should be enjoying your time resting. You can shop Sears today for all the best deals on mattresses.

Do you need a mattress upgrade? Do you have that upgraded bedroom space you dream of?