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Summer Travel Packing Made Easy With Ziploc®

zilock travel bag

This past week we took a road trip to the Grand Canyon and when I went to pack I thought back to everything I disliked about staying at the hotel. Most my kiddos digging through their bags to find exactly what they needed and their bags seemingly exploding all over the place.

So in preparing for our road trip I wanted to make the trip a little easier and with the help from Ziploc® I made it happen.  I decided to put full outfits in large gallon sized Ziploc® bags. Each girl had their bags labeled and I was shocked at how much more I could get into their suitcase from doing this. I went on to make extra bags with undies and their swimwear and it worked perfectly!

Not only did each girl have perfectly made outfits for each day but it made our hotel room less of a mess and kept our road trip easily on schedule. No more clothing drama while traveling, I’ll definitely be doing this again!

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