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Today you are FIVE!!! You’ve waited and waited to be a year older and you’re finally feeling like a big girl. Oh and boy are you such a big girl!!! You’ve always been my little spark so full of personality. You’ve never been afraid to be exactly who you are and your light shines so bright! You’re just like your dad in so many ways, not afraid to ask a question or seek out an answer. You’re the type of girl who gets things done and will figure it out.

I see so much of myself in you too, you love to sing and you almost never stop talking. You love dancing and you’re so busy you’ve given us a few scares.  You’re such a girly girl but unlike me you’re not afraid of the yucky stuff. You always lean right in and take life on head first. You’re growing older and it’s so hard to believe! I hope nothing ever slows you down! Your ability to go into any situation so confidant inspires me, you’re the light of my life Brooklin!! I love you so very much!!

Happy 5th Birthday Brooklin!!!

Be kind always,



 This Past Year:

  • We moved to California
  • You learned to read!
  • Spent lots of time at Disneyland!!
  • Are a stronger swimmer!
  • Played in the sand for hours upon hours at the beach!
  • Bruno came and we got a puppy!
  • Grew two sizes!!
  • Sang for hours!
  • Did ballet and gymnastics.


Photos From The Past:


kai and brooklin meet

brooklin claps

delfino holding brooklin

Kicking up sandbrooklin standing in parkbrooklin zoolights

brooklin and kaila ohio trip

brooklin messybrooklin june 2011brooklin beach 2011brooklinbrooklin sleepingbrooklin beach kaila brooklin mia swimming kaila brooklin summer 2012 brooklin and kaila beach trip summer 2012 brooklin halloween 2012brooklin november 2012brooklin zoolights holiday 2012 oregon zoobrooklin sick age 3brooklin gym routine 2013brooklin and mia bench brooklin kaila mia beach

1 Comment

  1. Amanda on June 16, 2014 at 9:14 am

    Happy Birthday bookie!! We love you and can’t wait to see you!!!! And K, the very last picture she looks exactly like you!