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Easily Make Extra Spending Money This Summer With ecoATM

This is a compensated post with ecoATM.
With summer vacation just starting my oldest kiddo is looking forward to our busy summer vacation. She’s been looking around for extra ways to to make spending money for the summer and ecoATM is a great way to make extra cash for unwanted electronics. You’ll find that ecoATM is easy to find in many locations right in area malls and also just as easy to use.

The ecoATM is the world’s first automated eWaste recycling station. That’s a fancy way of saying that they are a friendly green machine looking to pay cash for the responsible recycling of your old cell phones, MP3 players and tablets. You also walk away with cash in hand!

Start by gathering your electronics, you can visit ecoATM.com for locations and more information about devices they accept. Parents have to swipe their license so you can ensure you know what’s going into the ecoATM.

ecoatm kaila

The process of cashing in your devices is also easy. You start with the ecoATM scanning your device to establish current market value. The scan starts with placing a sticker on each device and plugging in the port. The scan simply verifies that the device is not stollen, and that there are no issues with the serial numbers. It’s nice to know there are safeguards in place to ensure quality and value.

ecoatm use

Kaila wanted to share just how easy the ecoATM is to use with a fun video showing off some of the features. You’ll also get a peak at the cash she made!

We found it really easy to use the ecoATM and it was fun for the kiddo too!
eco atm plugin
Getting your kiddos involved in recycling is a great way to teach habits like recycling at a young age. It’s also a great way for older kiddos to clean up and clean out their junk! Especially when it’s so easy to make extra cash on old electronic devices.

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Start by finding a location near you at ecoATM.com. Also stay connected with ecoATM on Facebook and Twitter!

How are your kiddos making extra spending money this summer?