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Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum – Ultimate Allergen Trapper

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (4)

The Dyson DC65 Animal was built to be a power machine to keep your home’s floors and air truly clean. Seriously I don’t think people quite get the advantage of the modern vacuum. We all understand the strides that have come in new cars, electronics, phones, but vacuums have also come very far along too. Dyson was the pioneer to bring the vacuum cleaner to the next level. Instead of just focusing on a new redesigned looking machine, the Dyson was created out of a new technology to achieve the highest suction to the floor, making for twice the suction as any other vacuum.

The Dyson DC65 is not only super powerful, but also has an awesome self-adjusting cleaning head and re-engineered brush bar that is simple to clean of hair and such. The change in the head allows the bristles to dig deeper into carpets to remove more dust and dirt, while also providing superior performance on hard floors.

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The DC65 is set even more apart with new remodeled cyclones and use of the latest Ball™ technology. The Radial Root Cyclone™ technology is far beneficial to regular vacuums that rely on bags to trap dust and dirt which some can easily lose suction from clogging making a vacuum essentially useless. When suction drops and ceases, dust and dirt is not only left in your home but will begin to accumulate and can actually damage some surfaces and finishes over time.

With the Radial Root Cyclone™ technology in a Dyson, powerful and constant airflow removes more dirt, dust and allergens from any room and home. And for those hard to reach and really dusty areas like lamp shades and air vents, an array of handy hand tools are there.


What is great about a Dyson vacuum is they are built to last. We’ve passed down our old DC 35 Blueprint after getting our Dyson DC65 and moving into a single story home the DC65 does it all. It is nice not have to deal with 2 stories which was man ageable with our old Dyson thanks tro lightweight, a long hose and an easy to empty canister. But our new Dyson is great on our carpets, rugs, wood, & tile floorings and as an air cleaner. I know you may be thinking “air cleaner?” But the fact is a Dyson does more than just clean floors, it cleans air.

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The Dyson vacuum is super tough and durable because all Dyson vacuums are made from ABS and polycarbonate materials which are what is used to make riot shields and crash helmets. This helps not only in durability but also to provide a lightweight product at 17.35 lbs. And to back this up Dyson provides a free 5 year parts and labor warranty on all new upright and canister vacuums sold through Dyson.com.

With living here in Southern California now, we do spend time in side with or home closed up and the air conditioning going to cope with the heat. And with the powerful cleaning and ability to trap allergens while expelling clean air, our Dyson seriously creates a healthier home with visibly cleaner air. With the bright sun it’s easy to see all the dust flying around every day, and with a quick vacuum it disappears and the canister fills up. And with a lifetime washable post filter to keep the air clean, don’t worry about wasting money on new filters and always keep your air clean while cleaning.

Dyson vacuums have a constant and powerful suction that is perfect for removing dust almost completely from the air and floors, helping reduce my sinus problems I can have with excessive dust and pollution. The Dyson DC65 cleans the air and floor so well that they are certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. We also don’t have to toss and remove dusty bags creating even less mess. With more and more pollution and dry weather, the less mess of dust, dander, & allergens is important for us and our kids.



So the purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to clean the floors and other surfaces with the tools. But what’s also great is the air cleaning ability. I did a cleaning of our home to show how much is picked up. The picture below shows how much is just picked up from our girls room. The before pictures show the floors not even looking that bad to begin with. Everytime we vacuum with our dyson, our results are similar, its just from the air, welcome to the micro age.

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (14)

The Dyson DC65’s cleaner head is many steps ahead of the rest for several reasons. First it adjusts to different floor types allowing more suction to be created for different floor heights. SO as we clean the tiles or wood, the head adjusts to the color and as we move onto the carpets it readjusts to apply the optimal amount of cleaning brush while keeping a tight seal. Its great for cleaning our carpets in the bedrooms and hard floors throughout the halls and main living araes. With about 2000 sq ft, one container gets filled with dust and allergens, the air feels cleaner and cooler, its refreashing!

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (1) Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (9)

Just from one pass of our home which is fairly clean looking at the surface, we captured this much dirt and dust. The thing is its mostly dust, allergens and other dander. There is dirt but we remove our shoes. People dont quite realize how much dust is in the air and how much it could and can contribute to air quality and breathing problems for some.

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (5)

Here is how much came out of the canister from one pass of a clean home. Our floors show dirt easily so we have to keep them vacuumed and mopped.


The brush bar has also been reconfigured by adding 25% more power to drive the bristles deeper into the carpets to remove dirt and pull up dander and dusts. The head is also to clean with access to the brush being as simple as turn 2 knobs and pulling off the brush plate, super simple to clean out, and with 4 females in our home we have a lot of hair that gets picked up. Making sure the brush head is clean is important for maximum performance do its nice having a very easy brush to clean!

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Dyson Ball™ technology is great for upright vacuums because maneuvering and getting around tight spots is easy and effortless. The pivot allows steering with just the wrist and arm. And the ball also contains the motor and ducting removing bulk, making it easier to move around and fit in tight spaces.

And after a very thorough cleaning, which is always amazing emptying the canister bin is quick, simple and hygienic. Put your can over the garbage and just press the button to release the dust, dirt and pet hair the machine has captured. Dyson vacuums were the first to have clear bins which are great to see the mess and know when it’s time to empty. It’s funny because initially market researchers said clear canisters were a bad idea and now clear bins are everywhere but not made from the same ABS polycarbonate as riot shields, like the Dysons are.



The Dyson DC65 comes with a range of hand tools for all those home chores. The Tangle-free Turbine tool will not tangle because there is no brush bar for hair to get wrapped around. By using counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery, tangles are no more and dirt is sucked into the powerful canister. The flexible heads lets the brushes maintain constant surface contact no matter how uneven.

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (7)




The Dyson Uprights come with a range of tools and the DC65 Animal has a few extra. We use our Dyson for clean everything from the floor to our tall 10ft ceilings and air ducts. The long reaching hose and hand gtools make reaching in those hard to reach spots easy.
Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (6)

The Dyson Soft dusting brush is great for gently removing dust and allergens from delicate and flat surfaces. This is great for lamp shades, fans, cabinets, and anything with dust on it. The fine nylon bristles are angled at a 45° to lightly sweep while sucking it all up. There is also a felt strip on the middle of the brush to help protect scratching on polished and delicate surfaces.

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (13)

Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner (8)

With a maximum reach of 51.7 ft from cord to end of hose, getting to any spot is possible, and avoiding having to move from outlet to outlet is also avoided. But just to save effort, the DC65 comes with a 35ft electrical cord length.



The vacuum has made great strides since 1868 in Chicago when Ives W. McGaffey created his manually-powered bellow and water filled machine that was manufactured for the masses. McGaffey’s “Whirlwind,” was mostly wood with a hand-cranked powered suction fan. This was one of the first forms of a vacuum which has led others over the century to contribute to the modern vacuum. The convenience came when James Spangler in 1908 filed the patent for adding a rotating brush and electric vacuuming apparatus, making the vacuum into something for us all. Spangler suffered from allergy problems so he had a real reason to create a way to clean a room and rid of the dander.

And to bring us into the 21st century James Dyson made again further advances in 1983 when he created cyclone bagless technology, doing away with wasteful bags. And over those decades the power he has put into the Dyson Uprights is incredibly powerful doing away with more than just dirt but also allergens and cleaning the air!


We have had a Dyson for almost a decade. Our last one was used a lot and lasted fine, was passed down. Our New DC65 will last us another 10 years and give the same results as day one. A Dyson is more than just cool looking, its a real machine that can have real positive impacts on your health and well being. The feeling of truly clean air is relieving every time we clean. Sometimes I clean just to clean the air, helpful down here in Southern California where we have a lot of dust and times of pollution.




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