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BLINGGUARD the Fashion Fix for Jewelry 

This is a compensated post all opinions are our own.
We all have those heavy earrings, or maybe you have a ring with a large stone. You know how big and bulky some items can be and they don’t stay secure. Maybe that ring is too big and it flips around, or your earrings are heavy and sag. Now there’s the ultimate fix for jewelry the BLINGGUARD.

BlingWraps: Easy to apply, these hypoallergenic and latex-free disposable bands are designed with a patented contoured bridge technology to position rings perfectly on your finger.




BlingWraps adds up to 1+ ring sizes to your finger to lock rings in place. The soft, matte finish blends so seamlessly and comfortably around your finger making it virtually invisible on any skin tone.


BlingDots: Easy to apply, these discreet and disposable earring backs relive the weight and pressure of your earrings, while positioning them perfectly on your ears.




My husbands wedding ring is a very heavy gold piece from Tiffany & Co. I love his ring and he loves it too but it’s big and heavy and often slides around. I could see BlingWraps as an easy way to secure his ring when we go out. I see them as a great solution for the biggest problems with my jewelry. 

 You have to check out this video: 

BlingWraps and BlingDots retail for $14.99 and are available for purchase at www.blingguard.comNow BlingGuard is the must-have for any woman who loves jewelry!

Could you see yourself using BlingGuard with your jewelry?