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Swaddle Blankets For Your Baby By Ciinolin

Swaddle Blankets are super important to use. I hope that most people know about swaddling. Swaddling is something that people do to new babies to make them feel secure and still in the womb. By wrapping a blanket properly and tightly around your newborn, they become very calm and happy. They get that feeling of still being wrapped up into a womb.

Swaddling has been around for a long time and we have swaddled all 3 of our babies. It was so beautiful having them bundled and just beaming with happiness and joy in their swaddle blankets. Holding them in our arms was easy and they stay warm and calm allowing us to breath in every new moment. Providing them with a greater sense of security is a gentle way to bring your new baby into this new world.

baby swaddled

Swaddle Blankets helps babies sleep better by being snuggled and secure which helps them to not startle themselves throughout these first weeks and months when they need lots of sleep. A study featured in the Journal of Pediatrics showed how swaddling reduced crying time for young infants under eight weeks of age, which means more relaxing time for us parents.2

Ciinolins offers a line of ultra cute and whimsically swaddle blankets. From their Southeast Asian series, they have 2 different adventure patterns which include the Cirebon Adventures and the Madura Merrytime series. These super colorful and quality swaddles will let your little explorers soar in a sky filled with cloud motifs inspired by traditional Cirebon batik design which is an element widely used in traditional South-east Asian fabrics. Soar with storks, airplanes with giraffes, sailing koalas, and splashing elephants! Each includes a set of 3 different 47″ x 47″ swaddles made from 70% rayon (from natural bamboo fibres) and 30% cotton. There is also a combo pack which includes the Baby Step Cards.


Another product that Ciinolin carries is the Baby Steps Cards. These cute cards let you to remember baby’s special first moments and are great to use as a photo prop to highlight the big achievement. Write does the date and it’s a great keepsake for grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles.



Ciinolin also gives a portion of their sales from every Ciinolin product sold to less fortunate families in need. Through their partner B1G1 Giving, a Not-for-profit society registered and regulated in Singapore, 100% of the contributions are passed directly to the charitable organizations to improve the lives of less fortunate children and families around the world.

Swaddling properly is super important and all hospitals will send you off knowing how. Get some practice in and ask the nurse for help, don’t feel embarrassed just make sure you get it down right. It is important that baby is swaddled correctly. Make sure the arms are snug but the hips and legs can move freely. Make sure to be aware of overheating especially with summer time coming up. It’s not hard in places like Southern California here where temperatures are in the 100s in spring. Using swaddle blankets with the right material such as muslin allows the air to move easier which is good for these hotter seasons like summer and these hotter.

Swaddling is great for so many reasons. So fancy up your swaddle with a Ciinolin Swaddle and remember to hold onto it forever to show your little one what used to kleep them happy and warm and safe.

Check out the Ciinolin line of Swaddles and Baby Steps Cards. For US and other International buyers check out their online store or in select Malaysian retailers.

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  1. Julie Wood on May 28, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    These blankets are very nice and my sister sure could use these swaddling blankets to make my nephew feel secure. I used swaddling blankets on my son, but these are really nice. She is having a get together and I would love to get her some.