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Summer Fitness Trends – Fall in Love With Zumba

poise dance

With hectic summertime schedules upon us, moms are looking for creative ways to max out “me” time – and it’s a tough choice between getting in a workout and enjoying a fun leisure activity. Interestingly, a recent consumer poll conducted by Zumba found that while one in seven Americans dread their workouts, approximately 80% of dance-inspired cardio participants actually look forward to their workouts and consider them to be fun. Because who doesn’t love busting a move and shaking it to infectious beats – all while dropping inches?

The reason I love Zumba so much it’s an hour of the most energy packed fun. It challenges, trains and tones your body all while leaving you feeling blissfully happy. There’s just something incredibly freeing about feeling your heart pound with every step of your feet.

My Zumba story started four years ago after my second child was born. I found myself overweight and just unhappy until one day I walked into a dance studio for a Zumba class. That year I lost 70 pounds and completely transformed my life. I went to Zumba three times a week and loved every moment. To this day I still Zumba and feel it’s just another addition to my life that makes me truly happy. If you’ve never tried it – do it! I might suggest the ZUMBA® INCREDIBLE RESULTS SYSTEM to get you started right at home!

Check out the below infographic of summer fitness trends – and get inspired to ditch your boring cardio routine for a high-energy dance party that you will actually look forward to!




Learn more at Zumba.com to find a class, purchase the DVD system or find out more information.


  1. Pierre Mosbey on June 24, 2014 at 11:56 am

    My fiance has been looking for a new way to maintain health and do some cardio. This sounds like Zumba should be her summer fitness program. Thanks!

  2. Grace at leangirlsclub.com on May 19, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    How inspiring that you were able to lose 70 pounds with Zumba. That’s my story, but with running. We love whatever has helped us find new life.


    I love Zumba but I’ve realized that I’m not as great of a dancer as I once thought I was 🙂