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Making Marriages Stronger – Healing from Betrayal Trauma

This is a compensated post.

Strong marriages take work and often at times there can be issues in your marriage that can cause distrust in a spouse. Whenever my girlfriends have issues in their marriages I always offer the same advice, it’s best to have open and honest communication with your spouse. Its not hard to see that we all have problems, singles, couples and marriages. From being in public, to online, no one is perfect no matter what they may want people to think. Sometimes its the people who say the least, actually have a lot to say.

There is one issue that is happening in most households that no one seems to want to talk about, pornography. Betrayal Trauma happens when a spouse has a pornography or sexual addiction. This may leave you left feeling tremendous anxiety, heartache and fear. It is not your fault, and your feelings are completely natural. This issue is happening in a lot of marriages and I think it’s time to find help and stop feeling so anxious. Do not think that it is a stigma that should cause shame and discouragement. Its actually more common than you may think.

At points in every marriage a spouse feels betrayed it could be by simple things like lying or not communicating. Discovering your spouse has a pornography addiction can be traumatic and as a woman you could be left wondering what you did wrong or why you were not good enough. Marriages take work and while so many families are choosing to split these days instead of facing their issues directly, it’s more important that ever to fight for your family and your dignity. Trust and love can be restored and healing can begin if you start to talk about what is happening and not just brush it aside or under the rug.

In my marriage we often struggle most with communication. I am very lucky to have a husband who fights just as hard as I do for our happiness.  If you’re not feeling connected emotionally and psychically to your spouse you need to find help and a way to move forward. Counseling and talking about your feelings, even if you think they crazy or not, is important for closure and to move forward.

Let me introduce you to the Addo Recovery Betrayal Trauma Program, a six week course that is designed for women who have experienced trauma from sexual addictions, which can be from more than just pornography. Betrayal can come from texting, sexting, dating sites, so many ways.  This program is completely FREE if you sign up today.

Did you know that in the aftermath of a betrayal, a loved one’s behavior may have left them feeling tremendous anxiety, depression, heartache and fear, symptoms that parallel PTSD. The feelings can cause so much dysfunction and lead to depression and this is not good for any family. After going through the recovery program with Addo Recovery, 75% of women reported their feelings improved and that they were able and ready to move past the past and into the future.

You can repair your marriage and restore your inner peace with Addo Recovery while being descreet which can be a good way to bring your spouse into the conversation without being to open about it. Visit AddoRecovery.com to sign up and get started today.

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  1. Amanda on May 20, 2014 at 10:11 am

    I think that this program is great for women who need that support. Not every marriage is perfect and I know my own has had it’s ups and downs. If you want to work on it then I agree in finding ways to help figure what the issues are and how to get past it.