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Keeping Kids Cool With The Clip-on Stroller Fan & Window Shade Film By Diono

With the summer coming up and now living here in Southern California, it’s time that we must face the blazing heat. We have been here for 6 months now and the temperature has hit 105 so far and we’ve had maybe a week of rain. We know it’s hot, but have a feeling this is going to be a long and extra hot summer, time will tell.

With all the heat, it’s super important that we help our children not to get too hot. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke is not a joking matter so it’s important to find any ways that you can keep your kids safe from the hot summer heat.

Here are some things we do to assist us in keeping them cool and shaded.

  • Keep a hat and sunshades on hand. I know this may seem easy, but when you need a hat you need a hat. Plus driving in the car the sun is always there it seems. And what kids doesnt like to roll in style!
  • Use small sunshades as extra sun protection over your vehicles factory window tint. We use the Diono Cool Shade™ which is great because it’s a film that sticks to the window allowing it to be rolled down if needed. It also takes up no space and won’t get in the way or act as something to give the baby to play with. One pack comes with 2 films which could shade a complete window if needed. They also are reusable and can be removed if not needed.Diono Clip On Stroller Fan and Cool Window Shade (3) Diono Clip On Stroller Fan and Cool Window Shade (2)
  • Keep water on hand along with a towel. Wetting a towel with cool water is a great way to cool anyone down along with provide a little bit of water for a baby or little one. It can also act as a shade on a super hot day and water will actually protect their head and keep them cool from the sun and its heat.
  • Make sure they come in for a break every so often and stay in the cool if in areas of extreme heat, 100 degrees and over. Even 90 degrees is high so keeping them cooled down is important. We live where it’s gets hot so playing in the pool is fun, but can create even more heat soak because of the reflection of the sun off the water and form the sun.
  • We also keep around the Diono clip-on Stroller Fan™. This little fan is tiny and battery powered making it easy to use on anything and simple to bring anywhere. This is great for our trips to the amusement parks or even in the car when maybe we need a little extra cooling for say Brooklin, who seems to get a little hotter than us all. And when she is hot she is sure to let us know!Diono Clip On Stroller Fan and Cool Window Shade (1)
  • Diono Clip On Stroller Fan and Cool Window Shade (4)

The Diono Cool Shade™ and Stroller Fan™ are great little companions for us on the road. With our trip to the Grand Canyon coming up, we will be even better prepared to take on the sun and the heat that Arizona has to give. Check out Diono for more of their great baby products and accessories like the ones featured.

Be wise when it comes to kids and heat. Just like with anything else, hot weather can pose serious and even fatal problems for kids. Kids can be affected from heat by more than just being left in a car, so it’s important to keep them the coolest at all times. You may not think its too hot for them, but kids aren’t the best at letting us always know how they are truely feeling and heat exhaustion can come on very suddenly.

 We were provided with the products for review and to keep our kids cool.