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Keep Kids from Getting Lost This Summer with Mabel’s Labels

mabels labels summer

This summer you may be doing a lot of traveling, maybe to theme parks or local water parks. Even the best of parents have had it happen, you’re in a busy place and your kiddo gets lost. You’re paying for something at the gift shop or playing in a busy water park you turn around for only a moment and it happens. I often worry about my busy two year old, still unable to say her name she likes to dart through the clean floors at the department store. There’s just something so freeing about all those racks to a two year old!

I was so happy to see that Mabel’s Labels has a real solution for this. We visit a lot of theme parks and water parks and as a parent I just want to keep my girls safe.¬†That’s why Mabel’s Labels 411 Wristbands are a great solution!

mabels labels hand bracelets

We received a set of labels for Mia and Broklin and loved the adorable girly touches. They are also very easy to put on and they stay on too!

You can personalize each wristband and put whatever information on it that you may need to tell someone. For us we chose a simple phone number and name, I know that in a busy place a cell phone is the best way to contact me so while I may be looking for my child someone can also get in contact with me. For privacy reasons I suggest putting them under your child’s sock.

mabels labels stikers

I plan on keeping these in our travel bag in the car so when we do visit busy theme parks or the beach I can have them on hand.

mabels labels info bracelets

How are you preparing for summer trips with your family?

You can purchase these and other name labels at Mabels Labels.com.