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I’m Going to BlogHer 2014 in San Jose #BlogHer14

BH14blogher 2014

I went to my first BlogHer in 2009, back then blogging was a whole new world. It’s been the one conference I have not missed since I started attending blogging conferences. I’ve been to so many conferences but none has helped mold me into the blogger I am today. I’ve taken in business advice and tripped my income, I’ve mat with and worked for brands on the expo hall floor, I’ve taped interviews, I’ve gotten my nails and hair done too many times to count. I have also danced all night with my blogging pals, engaged in conversations around every corner, and grown because of my interactions along the way.

blogher moments3BlogHer will always hold a special place for me to engage and interact, it’s not just a place I go to enjoy but a place that has really grown my business.  In the 9 years I have been blogging I have seen this digital world shaped and shifted. I have stumbled and fallen and failed more than once but I started this blog for me. This site is a dedication to my children so that they will always know my story, our story. It’s my piece of the world and it’s grown with me.

Experiences are what you make of them but I know BlogHer 2014 will be a celebration. A cerebration of how far I have come, how far we have come as a community. A celebration of education and connections. It’s in these moments of celebration that we find these experiences teach us. So congrats on 10 amazing years BlogHer, I can’t wait to be here in another 10!

I will be attending BlogHer 2014 in San Jose this year and I’m more than thrilled to celebrate! If you will be at BlogHer I would love to connect with you, if you are making a decision whether or not to attend yourself, DO IT.

See you in San Jose!


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  1. heather on May 25, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    This sounds like so much fun I would love to go to this one.