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The Special Gift of Grandmothers & Grandfathers

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Family and its traditions are important for so many reasons. Not only do you get to keep something that has been going on for decades or more going, but we also get to teach our kids something new, something that not everyone they know will know, something that that can take on as their own.

It’s always great to pick up some wise words of wisdom, maybe great folk songs or stories, or a delicious recipe but it is even better learning and creating memories with grandma and grandpa that will last a lifetime no matter where anything goes. 

After viewing the video “My Grandfather” it reminded me of what a great grandmother of mine and one of the most important people always in my life. Take advantage of these situations with the vast array of technology like on a camera phone even and save more than just a name. Save a story, a person, and a life. Save it for your kids and their kids, let them really know who great-great-great-great grandma or grandpa was.

I was lucky to learn our family story which has been passed down and sought after by other family members. It is interesting how mush our elders has experiences and able to see and the only way that we can grasp it all is by learning history and hearing more form the sources.

I will say one of the things I will do with my kids is to pass down how to make a poppy seed loaf that my great grandmother made every holiday, I think mostly for me J! It was a treat brought through I think our polish roots and is so tasty with poppy seed swirled through.

I just remember all the holidays with one made and me eating half, as I got older 2 were made. I will also say I haven’t eaten one as often as I should and this story of this grandson and his grandfather just made me think about my great grandmother.

That is one thing that is great about grandparents; they are a commonality that most people have. Sharing great memories and the hope of one day being that great grandparent and sharing my own stories with my own grandchildren is a lifelong goal I do have.

great grandmother and granddaughter baby girl

Do you have any great memories or life lessons you pulled away from those loved one? Did you get a chance to ever sit down with your grandparent and find out about their life story?

Maybe it is something to consider making your kids do with their grandmothers and fathers. Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going.