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Save Some Money On Dog Treats & Food With EverPet @DollarGeneral

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dollar general Everpet dog food treats (2) We were asked to try out some of the EverPet dog food line and traveled to our nearest Dollar General and picked out 6 different things to try. We like to give our dogs a lot of treats and with our new German shepherd puppy Bruno and our older Chihuahua terrier mix Marley, they both need their treats for different reasons. Bruno needs his treats for learning new commands and is doing great with treats. Marley is older and kind of jealous of his new brother and sometimes needs his space and a treat to be happy. Putting up with kids and a dog 5 times his size, Marley deserves new treats all the time. Dollar general Everpet dog food treats (4) We love our dogs and are always looking out for things to give them. But it does cost a lot of money so we are always making sure they are provided for with things to keep their appetites satisfied. Looking for treats at the Dollar General can save money and Bruno eats through bones and treats like nothing and Marley is just spoiled. Both are the only males in our home next to the Dad of the house. Dollar general Everpet dog food treats (3) We tried out a bag of the EverPet Puppy, Kibbles with Bites, the Muncie Meatballs, Deli-Stix, and Mini Dogs and Bone. Bruno and Marley loved the treats and ate them up. The meatballs were actually greasy and the Deli-Stix are chewy which were tasty and easy to chew up for Marley. Dollar general Everpet dog food treats (1) The EverPet products include the different items we boughtst and more. They are made in the USA and can be purchased from Dollar General. Other products include EverPet rawhide dog treats, Wavy Bacon dog treats, Wet Cat food, and small dog biscuit treats. Dollar general Everpet dog food treats (5) Dollar Generals can easily be found by using their store locator. Check out for new deals and  new store openings to save some dollars. Save some money while getting those pet goods that your pet needs. Dollar General is there to save money and provide products that are cost savings. Check out the Dollar General on Facebook and on Twitter @DollarGeneral for new deals and what they have going on.