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Rethink Church This Easter #ReThinkChurch

This is a compensated post all opinions are my own. 

What does Easter really mean to you? To me it’s much more than just the Easter egg hunts or mall trips to get a picture with the Easter bunny. The real meaning of Easter is much more than any game or picture moment, it’s a time of great and important meaning to so many people all around the world. Now is the best time to Rethink Church if just to learn a little more about the real meaning and message of Easter which is about helping others.

kaila  easter 2012The weekend of Easter is more than planning where to hunt for Easter eggs, it’s about spending time with family and friends and reflecting on all that life has to offer and all that it has brought and brings. It’s a new time where life begins as with spring, and needs time and patience to grow. The days leading up to Easter are referred to as Lent, and these 40 days represent the days that Jesus wandered in the wilderness tempted by Satan. But instead of giving in, he kept strong and this is where fasting comes in as a traditional symbolic action.

Easter is one of the holiest of days to the Church. Celebrating the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and is the most joyous and celebrated season of the year. White is the liturgical color for Easter by representing the purity and divinity of our Risen Lord while lilies and other flowers are a beautiful symbol to represent the resurrection of Christ.

What is important to take away from Jesus is the kindness and caring for others. Looking out for our fellow human and taking care of those who need it, there are so many great messages and ways to live life that can come from the stories of Jesus. Easter is about so much more than eggs and bunnies, it’s about finding love, hope, and joy by opening your heart and reaching out to help others, while embracing God’s love.

While many people have their own ways of celebrating Easter, to many it is a very holy day and one that everyone wants to see children enjoying. It’s a day to appreciate and love life and what’s not better than children as the massagers of love and beauty. There are so many great things to do during the week or two leading up to Easter. At Church many children are asked to draw pictures of what Easter means to them and every child has their own view, but they all understand the care and compassion to feel towards others.


We love to also spend time with the family and to just enjoy the presence of each other. Spending the entire day and bringing generations together is great. Having great treats is another way to make the moment even sweeter. Making traditional foods such as a fish fry, Easter Bread, and a sweet surprise can make the day tasty!

We wanted to share this simple recipe for Easter bread that is easy to make with the kids and enjoyable by anyone. It consists of only Flour, Sugar, Butter, Salt, Yeast.

Homemade Simple Lent Easter Bread

What is always a real hit with any kid is a dessert to celebrate any time. With the light and cheerful nature of Easter, we found this recipe in the Easter dessert collaboration by the Kin Community. This Easter collaboration launched this past Saturday, 4/12 and all the easy and fun recipes can be found here.

We made these Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies which are a super easy Easter Dessert Recipe. We made a few to give to some of our neighbors to brighten their weekends and let them know the happiness of the Easter Holiday.

The recipe is a really simple carrot cake with dates. It’s simple and delicious and it’s easy to allow your kiddos to be involved.

Easter Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies (3)

I made a maple flavored cream cheese frosting for the whoopie pies and just love how these flavors pair together.

Easter Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies (1)

I think no matter how you celebrate food is the one thing that unites us all. Whether it’s a sweet dessert for friends and neighbors or a traditional Easter bread there’s much to celebrate this season.

Easter Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies (2)

Even if you are not a practicing Christian, give Church a rethink. Not every message is the same and not every church is the right fit, but maybe give a local Church a visit and find out a little more and join us in celebrating the life and sacrifice of Jesus.

How are you celebrating this Easter?

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  1. Michele on June 8, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Great idea. So easy, but looks so creative. Perfect after you colored the eggs for a festive look.