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Our Lights Out Routine With GoodNites®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.goodnites2With three little ones our bedtime routines can often vary but we like to stick to a semi-normal routine. Our family is big on family meals and we end our night with a meal and bath and some reading afterwords. It’s important that our older kiddo gets to bed early because she’s up the earliest for school. While we have a snack and brush our teeth before bed we don’t have any drinks. I think it’s most useful

GoodNites® Bed Mats are a great way to ensure that your child is comfortable if bed wetting should occur. It also makes it easy on moms because cleanup is easy and there’s no more piles of laundry in the middle of the night either!

GoodNites® Bed Mats also gives my kiddo the confidence to wake up dry and start the day a little brighter! I like how easy they are to use because they also stay put with a little sticky patch on every corner. Your know it’s not going anywhere!

goodnites sticks

GoodNites® Bed Mats are also soft so it doesn’t feel like you’re laying on anything. It’s comfortable and discrete. Plus if an accident does happen  GoodNites®  makes it easy to say no big deal and get back to sleep. It’s an easy part of our routine and having something to help her only makes her more confidant going to sleep.

We also do a lot of traveling and when have a very busy day my girls sleep soundly all night long. There’s nothing worse than wet hotel sheets in the middle of the night and it does happen. It’s nice to be prepared for these moments.

goodnites on the bed

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What is your bed time routine like?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.