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Gray Away Those Gray Hair & Save Money At The Salon

Beauty is something that any woman can enjoy. From our early years to becoming a young woman, we begin to learn tips and tricks that we take on as our own to use for the rest of our lives. Whether it’s something that we learn on our own or something that we are taught and given as advice, beauty is something that is always evolving and always something to be kept on.

Having kids, it has become difficult to keep on beauty like I want to. I remember being pregnant and getting sad that I couldn’t keep up myself the way I did when my husband and I were before the kids came. It’s always a long day with kids and being pregnant that having some quick and helpful beauty tips let me feel pretty and have the time needed to deal with all of the other things I have going on.

Some of my tips include having a small travel pouch of quick touch up products to make any last minute fixes that happen and I don’t have a lot of time to deal with. I also found myself not using harsh chemicals because it’s just more natural on my body. Reducing what comes in contact with a new baby starts with us moms. The food we eat, or treatments such as hair dyeing and shampoos and makeup can have an impact on what gets into my body, so I tried to limit what I consumer especially during the first 3 months of being pregnant. Gray Away does not use chemical or dyes and is based on mineral derived pigments making it safe to use for anyone.

Using products that are natural and contain the least amount of any chemical is the best bet. With beauty comes age, and I even before the age of 30 have gray hairs that need to be plucked or touched up with color, I still want to look young while I am. Gray Away for me is light and simple being made of natural mineral pigments similar to an eye shadow or blush.

70 – 80% of women over 40 color their gray hair and waste their money in salons for gray coverup because they cannot find a quality touchup. Gray Away by EVERPRO Beauty is easy to apply and for those who like the hair colors, using Gray Away extends the life of hair coloring visits. Gray Away is $12.99 for a 1.5 oz. container and can be found in drugstores nationwide and online. Try it once for yourself to save the hassle with gray hairs.

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