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Catalina Express – Your Ride To Catalina Island

Catalina Express Boats Long Beach terminal

Catalina Island is by far one of California’s greatest treasures and just miles away from the busy cities of Southern California. The best way to get to the island and to Avalon is by the Catalina Express. With many departures during the day you can make your way to Avalon in just over an hour. We left from Catalina Landing in Long Beach, CA but there are other locations in Southern California as well.

When you get on the boat you safely store your luggage and enjoy the ride to the island. There are 6 different vessels with the one below being the smallest. Their biggest are the Catalina Jet, Jet Cat Express, Starship Express, & Cat Express. Check out their entire Catalina Boat fleet.

Catalina Express Boat Long Beach CA portOn the boat ride to Catalina there are refreshments you can purchase as well as drinks. If you watch outside you may just see a whale or dolphins swimming along side the boat. It’s really a beautiful trip into Avalon.

You can upgrade you seating on the boat with the Commodore Lounge or the Captain’s Lounge for a more comfortable experience.

Catalina Express Boat kristin enjoying view of ocean

Once you approach Avalon and the landing docking you are greeted with the beautiful feel of the island. Be sure to keep your eyes on the water you just never know what may be swimming along side the boat!

arriving to catalina island from long beach

Once you are on the island the Catalina Express is the best way to get off the island. The landing is located on the edge of the small island town of Avalon.

Catalina Express Boats Long Beach (7)

You can see that the Catalina Express docks right near the beach and continue on the walkway right into the center of town.

Catalina Express boat dock catalina island

It’s easy to find your way back to the Catalina Express to make your way off the island. The different docks have clearly marked areas in which to line up for your boat. Get in line first to get a seat with a view up on top of the boat!

I have to say of the places we have visited Catalina has a special feel to it. It’s that small island vibe and sunshine. If you have the chance to go even on a day trip to Catalina I highly suggest making the trip.

view of catalina harbor above casino


Please visit catalinaexpress.com for more information or to book your trip.


We were provided with complimentary tickets.

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  1. Mary Happymommy on April 27, 2014 at 6:20 am

    It looks beautiful there. What a nice way to spend the day.