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ZEROREZ Minor Miracles – Know Anyone One or Non-Profit That Deserves Clean Floors?

There never is a time not to help when you can. These days life is so busy and hectic with people being away from their loved one, families not making as much as they need, and so many other things that it can become so stressful to even make the plans to get it all together. With spring coming and already here in Southern California, keeping a clean home will help with reducing stress and improving health improving any quality of life.

Living down here, we have many military bases and families, along with firefighters, parents, and the more that life becomes busy and overwhelming sometimes a free house cleaning can make the day. ZEROREZ SoCal created the Minor Miracles program to help deserving organizations or individuals feel better by providing a free deep cleaning of their home or offices for free.

Anyone will understand after having a good cleaning that life just seems clearer and better. Not only is air and sanitation improved greatly, but just seeing a clean home is a relief. ZERORES is happy to give back and be a part of all Southern California areas and communities with their “minor miracles”. With soi many people and so much dust, things can always use a good cleaning and siping down.

Do you have any great people or suggestions for “minor miracle” candidates? Let ZERORES know and maybe they may be able to help. Recipients generally are non-profits or people with reasons who deserve. There are so many deserving groups that just don’t have the time or money to give a nice floor cleaning. And there are some families that just can never seem to get a break or do so much they could use a break.

Previously chosen for Minor Miracles include:

  • Working Wardrobes – they help the homeless with, appropriate dress attire, traing, and applying for employment.
  • U.S. Veterans offices
  • Women’s Shelter of Huntington Beach
  • Mother’s Day Program – Chose 10 deserving moms. One of the recipients filmed here:
  • Family of five teenagers who lost their father to a heart attack
  • Whitehouse Restaurant of Anaheim – provided over 500,000 free meals to homeless “motel” kids

The Minor Miracles is a great program to help someone awesome or a great group that doesn’t have the extra funding to give them the cleaning they need. Maybe you can think of a great non-profit that wants to do some repainting or remodeling, having clean surfaces will compliment any newly painted walls or newly placed decors. Seriously, ZEROREZ will make an impact for everyone and on any place!

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ZEROREZ services most of the Southern California areas which include Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside County, & San Bernardino County.

Send them some ideas of who you think would be great for the Minor Miracles using their official hashtag #ZerorezSocal. Maybe Instagram a picture and let really know why you know someone or a group in need. Check out ZEROREZ’s Social Media by visiting them on Facebook – Twitter @ZEROREZSOCAL – YouTube.