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The Knott’s Coaster Run 2014

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This weekend I participated in the 2014 Coaster Run at Knott’s Berry Farm. This year was benefiting The Speech and Language Development Center. Having gone through years of speech therapy with one of my children I know how important helping out causes like this is to communities and families who need them. It was nice to know I was giving back too.

knotts coaster run 2014 kristinThe race started during one of the biggest storms southern California has seen all winter. It was wet and rainy but there was a lot of energy from the crowd of runners.

knotts coaster run 2

After singing the National Anthem the first corral was off and running. We started running through the parking lot and then into the park.  It was so neat to run through the park with no one there. I stopped and waited for this photo opp right after we ran through Ghost Town.

knotts coaster run

We ran onto Soak City which was awesome because we can’t wait for summer. Plus I’ve never seen to Soak City so it was nice to get a neat peak before summer of all that the water park has to offer. Seeing the giant wave pool and lazy river empty was neat too!  After leaving the park the group ran onto the streets and back to the parking lot.

knotts coaster run 2014

It was so neat having people cheering us on from along the route. The streets were blocked off so it was a fun (and wet) experience!

knotts coaster run 2014 finsiher medal

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  1. Michelle S on March 12, 2014 at 11:40 am

    I liked “themed/fun” runs; they make the trek more bearable.