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Spa Week – Rosinas Beauty & Wellness Center in Redlands, California

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As we head into the spring it’s time to start thinking about pampering yourself. I think all too often we moms totally forget that we are important too and that we need moments of relaxation and clarity. Only as I have gotten older do I realize that beauty and health is increasingly important. I want to look and feel good now but I also want to maintain my health and beauty and that’s why going to the spa and salon is a great experience for me.

I recently teamed up with Spa Week and headed to Rosinas Beauty & Wellness Center in Redlands, California. The location is settled right in the heart of Redlands and it’s such a beautiful area to drive in to. The beautiful lobby warmly greets you as you walk in starting that pampering with beautiful detail.

Rosinas Beauty & Wellness Center in Redlands, California

There are a number of services that you can receive everything from massage to body waxing. This European Medical Center has everything you need to maintain optimal health and beauty plus when you look good you feel great. When you feel great you’re more productive and that’s why having some time to yourself is so important.

I opted for the algae body wrap treatment and was delightfully surprised at how much I enjoyed the treatment. The detox really allows your body to feel great and it’s so relaxing sitting under the warm blankets.

The treatment started by stimulating the circular system with the brush which just means that you get nicely exfoliated. Then onto the algae detox which also had a mixture of lotion. While you may be afraid of the smell rest assured, it’s not that bad.

Rosinas Beauty & Wellness Center in Redlands, California 2

Next you are wrapped in a plastic covering which allows your body to adsorb the algae and detox. Then a nice wrapping of warm blankets and the part I enjoyed the most was the neck massage.  The treatment ended with some relaxing detox tea which allows your body to warm up a bit. Overall the service was really relaxing and I felt great leaving.

The best thing about the spa is enjoying it with your girl friends or giving it as a gift. Mother’s Day is coming so it would also be a great gift for the mom in your life!

Visit SpaWeek.com to book services and find a spa in your area!

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