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Don’t Get Scammed This Year – Savvy Security Tips From Discover

banner_statementAll of the recent news about hackers and scammers can make it hard to feel secure when you’re using a credit card for your in-store and online purchases. However, the good news is your credit card will protect you in an instance of fraud, while lost cash is typically impossible to replace. If fraud happens, you’ll need a new card, but you won’t be responsible for any unauthorized charges.

Savvy Security Tips:

  • Use trusted resources. Check out new tips to protect your personal information with

Discover.com’s online Security Center, which was recently revamped. One way to protect yourself is as easy as using strong, unique passwords for each of your individual banking or credit card accounts, so thieves and hackers have trouble stealing your personal and/or financial information.

  • Know how your credit card company protects you. Fortunately, consumers are not typically held responsible for fraudulent purchases – that’s where your credit card company helps.  Most banks have a zero-liability policy for fraudulent purchases made on their credit cards and will typically see these purchases before the cardholder does. An important tip is to register on your bank or credit card’s online account center, where you can keep track of purchases daily or weekly rather than waiting for your statement. Sign up for paperless statements if offered, thereby avoiding this information sent through the mail and potentially getting lost.
  • Discover’s $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee means you’re never responsible for unauthorized charges on your Discover Card account. Discover has Proactive Fraud Monitoring, which is constantly monitoring cardmembers’ Discover Card for potential and actual fraudulent purchases – have peace of mind knowing Discover will contact you if any suspicious charges appear.
  •  Set up mobile alerts. Discover offers several options for instant alerts to help cardmembers manage their accounts at home or on-the-go. Cardmembers can sign up to receive the alerts they want and customize how those alerts are delivered to them. For example, you can receive email alerts when you’ve reached a particular balance and a text when you’re nearing your credit line.


Some alerts you can set up are:

  •  Cash Advance Occurred – Be notified whenever your Discover Card is used to withdraw a cash advance at an ATM or financial institution. (Email & Text)
  •  A Transaction Exceeds a Specified Amount – Learn when any purchase posts to your account that is of a certain pre-set amount. (Email & Text)


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I am a compensated brand ambassador for Discover. All opinions are my own.


1 Comment

  1. Amy Orvin on March 6, 2014 at 10:43 am

    I have been scammed before and I thought I was protected. I will use these tips and guard them with my life. Hopefully, that will never happen again. Thanks for the tips.