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6 Surprisingly Dirty Places in Your Home

This is a partnered post with Zerorez SoCal all opinions are my own. 
6 Surprisingly Dirty Places in Your HomeI was reading over an article on the “6 Surprisingly Dirty Places in Your Home” and thought of some others that I could add. But the overall arching message is that germs area everywhere so to us it is super important to minimize germs in every room throughout the house.

6 of the Most Dirty Places In Your Home

1. Kitchen Sink
2. Toothbrush
3. Salt & Pepper Shaker
4. TV Remote Control
5. Computer Keyboard
6. The Bathtub

Some of the worst on the dirty list include the salt and pepper and kitchen sink which are easy to imagine all of the germs that can be seen under a microscope, I could only imagine what the floors must look like in between daily and monthly cleanings. And the bathroom is no surprise as to one of the dirtiest places with the bathtub and toothbrush making the list. Wiping down the counters and mopping or steam cleaning the floors is important to keep down the germs that contribute to a dirty bathroom, but many times you’re spreading some around and not getting it all.

Being a parent, it is super important to us that we maintain and keep a clean home. The quote rings true that “every day is a new day” and with every new day comes a lot of new messes and germs to clean up. With 3 little kids it is actually dismally amazing how many crumbs and other messes happen, day after day.

But we must not forget that the home also naturally gets dirty from all the dust and dander and keeping the floors and surfaces clean and dust free is not only good for looks but for your overall health and breathing. When that germy grime mixes with dust and dander, buildup happens which not only is bad for the air quality but also bad on home finishes eating away at cabinets and baseboards. We clean everyday and every week, but we can only do so much to really pull out the gunk in all cervices and deep spots like down in grout. And with the heat of southern California, many homes are filled with tile.

With the kids being in the house a lot and even more during these winter months, keeping the floors clean becomes a task. Even cleaning pushes germs deep into tile grouts, groves in wood floors, and into the corners and edges of walls and under cabinets. Next time you clean your floors get down and clean the, crevices, grout, baseboard and under the cabinets with a sponge after cleaning and you may be surprised how much is still there from building up during cleaning. Combine that with food from the kids and from cooking and its can be quite disgusting. Plus our 4 year old sometimes can wander with a cookie and the oils and crumbs get ground in too. Oh and don’t forget to add in carpet to the mix and I can only shake my head.

zerorez truckI had a chance to have ZEROREZ® come and deep some floors. What set the ZEROREZ® cleaning services apart from rented store machines and other carpet cleaners is its unique EMPOWERED WATER™ technology. This EMPOWERED WATER™ uses enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized leaving out chemical residues while creating a powerful cleaning solution.

Unlike typical “steam-cleaning” that uses a hot water with soap mix, ZEROREZ® does not leave any residues behind. What sets this apart from traditional carpet cleaning where the surface dries that allows soap and chemicals to dry into the fibers that cling and trap and act as dirt magnets, is there will be none of this keeping future build up down.
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  1. Cynthia R on March 12, 2014 at 6:44 am

    I didn’t even think about the tv remote or the salt and pepper shakers, man I get home I’m going to give it a clean.