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Zubie Is Helping Us Keep Track Of The Car Without Distracting The Driver

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zubie. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the driving season coming upon us it’s important to know where we will be going and where we are during our trip and after. We do a lot of driving here in Southern California and sometimes with the fast pace we pass by the really cool things we come across. Now we can see exactly where we drove and remember where those neat places we passed by are to visit later.

Zubie Car OBD2 Reader Tracking App

From great parks, to beautiful beaches, and so many restaurants it is sometimes great to have a way to keep track of those places you pass and wish you would have stopped. My pal Zubie is a tech service that allows me to track trips and also monitor driving habits and behaviors, like lead foot or hard braking.

The small Zubie device plugs right into my car through its OBD2 service port and lets me know in real-time how my car is doing and where I have been and went. Even the speed is marked and how many times I brake hard or accelerate really fast can be displayed along with the route it occurred. Lets me keep an eye on those driving habits plus could save me from a ticket by letting know my real speeds traveled.

Zubie OBD2 Reader Car tracker

“Zubie is the ultimate road trip buddy! I’ve been using my Zubie key for the last 8 weeks and I love that it tracks all the trips we take no matter how small.”

What is great for us parents are all the cool gadgets we will have to keep an eye on our kids. We have so many roads, highways, places that I would love to know what my teen driver is doing, some day huh? Plus being the road tripping family we are, Zubie keeps an eye on avoiding breakdowns by including a low-battery alert along with simple translations of check engine light codes if they were to ever pop up, which for some this can save some major bucks while on the road.

And for those in touch with their friends, staying in touch and letting people know where the hang out spot is super simple. Secure location sharing and trip coordination features lets us share our travel plans or even great trips we took, by simple sharing our map trip saved by Zubie.

Zubie is not just merely an auto accessory but a service that uses a cellular connection to keep my car and it’s on-board systems in communication with any Smartphone I am using, perfect for one of us parents who leave or is running behind getting home. This is a great way to keep us in touch with out bothering each other on the phone which is a big NO NO while driving. It’s easy for anyone to let their loved one know where they are without the distractions. Plus problems with the car can be assessed much easier saving on costly repairs. 

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Zubie works with the free Zubie app for iOS 4+ and Android 2.3+. Hit the road with Zubie and Order today and SAVE 20% using code SAVE20FEB. Save 20% on your Zubie Key (small device that plugs into car) plus one year of service. This offer is good through March 31, 2014 and shipping charges apply.  

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